We have to pay to use Picmonkey now?

Alright so I really need to talk about something. For over a year I have been using picmonkey (website) to edit my thumbnails for my youtube channel. I loved this site because when I first started using it, it was free and highly recommended by a lot of youtubers. Now I didn’t want to learn how to use photoshop so I figured for the moment this was an easy way of getting exactly what I wanted. Then I moved to the premium service for several months and loved using it because I was able to use so many more features. But I stopped paying for the premium features a couple of months ago for financial reasons.


Well just today, September 19, 2017 they have changed their policy and without notifying any of their members they decided to begin charging for their services to everyone. They no longer have free, or premium features they are simply all premium features. Oh, you can edit a photo like the one below (a picture I had just edited from this site on the 17th) but you will no longer be able to save, keep and use the photo you edit unless you pay to use the service.

I am beyond stunned and upset. I know I can’t have been the only one to have noticed already, a lot of youtubers I have noticed use their free service and even just two days ago were still recommending the site because it was free. Here is what the site has said about the change, keep in mind I had to go looking for answers because it wasn’t listed on their homepage and no email was sent out.

Imagine my upset at this. I didn’t mind paying for the service before but now they are basically forcing you to do so. And if you look carefully at the wording, they make it sound as if they are doing us a favor by ‘allowing’ us to use all features.

Here is a screenshot of the picture I was going to use for my video until I realized I couldn’t save the photo without paying.

I have been using the site for over a year and I know youtubers have been using it for many years. This is exactly why people begin to hate companies who get greedy. I used to have such high respect for this site because honestly they have given me a great opportunity to play around with photo editing and create amazing thumbnails. I have even created this sites logo with it!!

So be aware in case you use this site to edit as well, you will now have to pay. And if you were thinking about using this site to edit because you heard it was free, well that is the case no more.

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