DIY: Turn your trash can into something prettier

Recently I have made a video on a couple of DIY hacks you can do to not only save money but spruce up something that would otherwise be boring.


Fujifilm Instax Film.

Now I just recently purchased this camera for a really great price (off ebay brand new and the seller even included film!). But if you own one of these camera’s, whether it’s the mini or full size, the film is not exactly cheap. You get ten pieces of film per pack and depending on where you get it can cost anywhere from 10.99-20 dollars. And if you want any of the fancy film with the designs it costs even more. Well in the video I show you a cheaper way of getting fancy designs without having to shell out an extra couple of bucks for extra film.


Boring Trash Can.

I bought a boring, plain black trash can from Ikea about a year ago and just recently decided to do a little something with it to make it look a little more pretty. I used some Jute Rope, hot glue, and spray paint and I made it something special.


So please check out the video here to see how I did it!!


P.S. I’m going to start trying to post every Tuesday and Thursday right here on ruechaos. 😀

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