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I wanted to talk about this subject because recently I have had a lot of problems and hassles with car insurance. Back in January I had been in an accident and there has been some drama over that and I won’t get into a lot of detail. But I will say this, always have auto insurance and avoid lapsing at all costs. Any accident without insurance is just asking for trouble, just take my word for it.


So without all the details, I have recently had to change insurance companies (again, second time this year). In order to make a new policy with my previous insurance company (Foremost) I would have to make a deposit of about 580 dollars and pay about 563 dollars a month. The very first time I purchased insurance, (was through Progressive and I loved them. I paid 248 a month) I was young and bright eyed with my very first car. Almost four years later I still own that car and no longer as young and not as bright eyed. Life has a funny way of messing with your emotions. Well after my accident i needed a new insurance company and began frantically (it was my first accident and I’ve made too many mistakes this ‘early’ in my life) looking for new insurance. By that Friday I had found someone and I made about a 430 dollar deposit and would pay 250 a month for the policy. To make a long story short, just recently I was no longer going to be insured by this company and to make a new policy with them they were going to charge me those crazy prices.


Well with now a lapse in coverage and my tag needing to renewed, like, ASAP I really needed to find a new company. Let me tell you, finding insurance is probably one of the most stressful things I have had to deal with. The most stressful would be figuring out where I’m going to live in a couple months when my mom kicks me out. ANYWAY….

I had been asking for quotes, once again frantically, and was finding that now with my accident on record everything was going to be…well a lot of money. I checked with Direct Auto, Liberty Mutual (they wouldn’t even give me a quote it was that bad), Progressive (thought maybe I could go back to them) and all of them with the exception of Liberty, would be charging me over 300 dollars a month and a down payment of over 300 as well. AND THEN…


I remembered that I had been receiving Metlife notices in the mail from work. I ran to my room and dug out the paper I had just got in the mail last month and ran back to my computer. I filled out all the info they asked for and told them who I worked for and…I didn’t have to make a down payment and 174.77 biweekly taken right out of my check. A total of 349 (ish) a month. A hundred dollars more than what I’m used to paying, but it’ll be a portion taken out twice a month and I don’t have to pay a deposit.

I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is for me. I can renew my tag with confidence, knowing that my license won’t be suspended because of lack of insurance and even though I will be paying more I can rest easy knowing that the money will be taken out right away.


Please, please heed my words of warning! Choose your provider carefully. I do recommend Progressive even though last year we had a falling out. I would have gone back to them but I felt more at ease doing this through work and saving on down payments. Perhaps one day I’ll go back to them, we’ll see. Progressive offers a lot of opportunities for discounts and the snapshot really is useful if you are a safe driver. You can tell them how much you want to pay and set your own due date. Very useful!

But don’t let your insurance lapse, because any accident occurring in that lapse no matter what state you live in, is going to be huge trouble. And if you get into an accident, just be prepared that any company can decide  to drop you or increase your rate. This is where research comes in handy because very few companies don’t. And if you have an opportunity to do what I ended up doing and going through work to get insurance then I recommend doing that if the company is reliable and the prices reasonable.


So don’t make my insurance mistakes and do your research!

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