The new truth about selling online

So I know that most of us out there have googled ways to make some extra money (I know I have) and there a million ways to do so. I want to talk about the truth behind online selling.

One of the number one ways that blogs and articles always tell you to make some extra money is by selling stuff online using websites like ebay or amazon. Even using apps like letgo. And perhaps ten years ago this would have been a substantial way to make a little bit of extra money but now it’s simply just not true.

I don’t know how many out there watched Netflix’s Nasty Gal tv show. It was a recent show based off a real person selling vintage clothes on ebay and making a killing. Of course the time frame in which she did so was early 2000’s. And the show has been since canceled because mostly the main character was unlikable, which I totally agreed with. But I digress.


Back in 2007 it was very possible to have made some money but then the recession hit and less people were shopping online, even for deals. Most people were worried about losing their houses, their jobs, etc.  And now that we have seemed to climb out of it for the most part we’ve been able to spend more money and get back into debt all over again right? Well mostly true. We are spending money but here’s the thing. Our generation seems to be trying to make money rather than spend it unlike the generations before us. We can thank Baby Boomers and Generation X for the housing crash and of course the deficit and banking disasters. They don’t want to take the blame and that’s alright, I wouldn’t either and my parents are Baby Boomers and Generation X. Even though our parents and grandparents don’t see it or believe it, most of us are quite the hustlers. Always trying make that extra buck.

In one year I had worked six different jobs and went to school. Now I work three and go to school. But I have money problems that you wouldn’t believe from someone has young as my and one day we’ll talk about it so you don’t make the same mistake.

Let’s talk about ebay, because that’s really the one I understand the best. I started selling on ebay when I was twenty and wasn’t very good at it. I started to get back into it when I really fell into some money problems. Now the most recent thing people tell you is Disney VHS tapes are selling for a lot of money right? Well unfortunately this is simply not true. There are lot of people on ebay trying to sell their Disney VHS tapes for a lot of money and no one is bidding. Well it’s 2017 and no one uses VHS tapes so why would anyone purchase them, even if they are “vintage”.

So it’s impossible, of course, to know what will sell and what won’t because it changes based on trends and the time of the year. So I just want to clarify that isn’t an easy way to make money. It’s slow and time consuming and not a certainty. Right now Polaroid cameras are back and everyone wants the older real Polaroid camera’s now. I sold one myself (I wish I hadn’t now).

Also there is the problem with ebay pulling your listing due to trademark infringement. If you have an item, like I did when I sold a Tiffany’s necklace back when I first started selling on ebay, and you actually list it under that name; you run the risk of someone from that company flagging your listing as infringing on trademark. You can’t sell items and claim them to be a brand without the permission of that company. Now that sounds crazy and I had no idea this was a thing when I first started but it’s true. There is a whole list of companies and trademarks that you can check out here. So just be careful how you post your listings, even if it really is the brand you’re claiming you might not be able to list it as such. How companies can think it’s feasible for us to go contacting and waiting around for responses to post our listings I will never understand.

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