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Helllo! How is it going everyone? I hope everyone is doing well and I’m sure you all have been awaiting a new post very patiently and I apologize for the delay. I will be back Tuesdays and Thursdays with new posts next week and I hope everyone will check in.


To explain why I have been gone for two weeks let me start by saying I’ve been doing some filming projects for my youtube channel to try to get it moving forward. I really want my channel to grow and if you support this site I hope you will please come over and support me on RueMarie.


Those projects are taking a bit of time to edit, mostly because I simply don’t have the time to sit down and actually work on it. I have been working a show at the Performing Arts Center that I work at for about two weeks (right after my roadtrip). My one day off I went to see Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour, which had loaded in to our venue where I work. The show I’m working on which loads out this coming Sunday is called Hand of God. I won’t go into what it’s about but you should look it up for sure.


Really quick (because I will do a full review soon!) I want to talk about Mark’s tour show. It was a lot of fun and super cool to think they get to do something so awesome! They came to our venue here in Orlando and it was almost a little surreal. Unfortunately I was not in the building until show time so I did not get the chance to meet them (although if I had been working that day I would have!) But they did meet one of our production supervisors and got this cool picture with our office dog!

This picture has been making it’s way around instagram and Ande had even told me when I saw her on my way in that day, that they must be cool because they loved Oliver! How cool is that?


So what’s coming up? A full review of the show, and also my own review of the iphone 7 (because I finally upgraded) and of course I will talk about my creepy trip to the abandoned community. Which by the way, we’ll be going back to check out again soon!


But mostly I want to tell you to please check out my channel because some really fun stuff is coming soon!


As always, Party on Dudes and be excellent.

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