Pita Chips….They’re great

So as I sit here on a Thursday morning deciding what today’s post will be (I hadn’t planned ahead like I usually do) my roommate said Pita Chips. So here we go. Pita chips, other chips and what goes well with hummus as said by Lana my roommate.

Okay so as said by my roommate, she is an expert. Her favorite dip for pita chips is Chile Lime Hummus. But Hummus is our lives so it makes sense. She says it also goes great with pasta and garlic broccoli.

Couldn’t find a picture of unsalted. I’m sorry, I failed.

Her favorite chips, Stacy’s unsalted pita chips. Whole wheat Tostito scoops, she says is the best to get that extra scoop and the wheat adds an extra kick.

Dill pickle chips are also really amazing. If you like salt and vinegar chips then you will probably like these. Also if you like pickles then you will enjoy them. I love pickles so it wasn’t a disappointment. How about sweet and spicy Dorito chips? Apparently the only vegan Dorito option and she would know…since she is a vegan.


She also wanted me to point out that Classic Lays are “Great”.

As for hummus, dandelion hummus is her favorite. Hummus house’s Garlic hummus is her second favorite. She says that when you go, you can get a hummus platter and they will give you olives, carrots, and just a variety of things to dip into the hummus. The Dandelion hummus isn’t as thick as regular hummus tends to be. It’s whipped and as an extra garlic kick to it. (She is in love with Garlic) She loves how light and airy it is compared to other hummus that can be a little heavy.

And the age old question, Pita bread, or pita chips? The answer is…..

Pita bread. Far more versatile than chips. You can use it for a lot more and is soft which is usually a plus.

I know this was a bit of random information, but my roommate knows what she likes when it comes to food. Maybe you’ll discover some new things you want to try and maybe even like!! I have never had dandelion hummus before but it sounds interesting!

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