What Day One of a Four week workout can look like (Nutrition included)

The other day my cousin had asked me what my workouts look like. I broke down what I did simply by showing her the apps I use which I talked about in another post here. Now as I have discussed in an earlier post this month I was going through a four week challenge and I actually am about to restart it because I wasn’t truly motivated to do it just yet. I don’t know how many times I have to look at my body in the mirror and not feel happy with myself. It’s not even just that, because I know that I don’t need to look like what we see in a magazine (do people still read those? I do) but it’s more for myself and I just want to be fitter and more in shape.


I used to be very active when I was…yes I’ll say it, younger. I am not that old (about to 24 in March) but I am not as fit and active as I used to be when I was 15. I had a really nice pair of legs and practically no cellulite (haha). But now that I’m getting older, as it usually happens, my body is changing and I need to keep up with it.


So here it is this is what my four week challenge is going to look like. It does include running so if that’s not what your into…well then too bad (joking!). So this is Day One!



I’m going to start off by showing you what my calorie intake for the day was. I log everything I eat everyday. I also log any drinks that I consume as well. What I have noticed is that I eat a lot of carbs. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however I eat far too many carbs and not enough protein. Protein is so important, especially if you’re trying to lose weight and gain muscle.









And here is what my nutrition graph looked like for the day as well:

 As you can see, far too many carbs but one of my better days for protein because I had a shake. So take it from me, make sure you are balancing your diet as much as possible and remember that even if you are eating fruits and veggies some (a lot) are high in carbs. As my mom would say “Protein, Protein, Protein!”.


So here it is, my first day of work out. Now it might surprise you but since I use the Nike Training App as well as the Nike run app, my first day was super easy. Well easy for me because I’ve been working out on and off for the last four years. Through Nike Training, it was a whopping six minute workout. The run, a whole 15 minutes. 21 minutes total, sounds silly right? Wrong. This is the Start up of the four week challenge which means you need to ease into a workout before you can get the tough stuff. Walk before run, right?

 Just follow the reps listed in order. 

 This is the overview, no equipment was needed for this day.


My run was a little different. Now if you must know, I prefer to workout before my run if I’m at home. If I’m at the gym I usually run before my workout on the treadmill. I prefer treadmill to outside anyway.


My 15 minute run consists of a five minute warmup. Just five minutes of simple running, nothing too hard but not a jog either. Now since my run was a guided one, I’ll explain in the way the coach did.


Next is your two minute “10K pace” (Coach Cory, Nike Run). This is a 6/10 pace. Meaning you’re running with controlled breath but you’ve picked up the pace significantly.

In between each interval is a one minute recovery.


The next interval is a 90 second “5K pace” (Cory). This is a 7/10.


Now you’ve got two left: a 60 second mile pace (9/10) and a 30 second pace (the hardest you can go, 11/10).

You can find this run on the Nike Run app.


So there it is. This is what my first day of my four week challenge looked like. The second day for me is a rest day since I ran, so I will be posting Day three soon!


P.S. If anyone is interested I can make a PDF of what I eat throughout the four week challenge so you have an idea of what you should be eating, I’ve done a lot of research. Not 100% clean eating, but no fast food and very little if not at all refined sugars.

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