Four Vegan/Eco Friendly Must Have Beauty Products

So if most of you don’t already know by now, I am a vegetarian and I am also a bit of a hippie. I love the environment and all animals. So it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I don’t just eat healthy, vegetarian foods but I also shop smart with my beauty products as well. So today I’m going to show you five of my favorite beauty products that are vegan, or eco-friendly or both! And these products don’t just do great things for our environment but they are actually amazing for us as well! Now I understand that not everyone can afford these products because they can be pretty pricey especially when needing to buy more than one item. But if you have some extra money at least try one of these brands!


Love Beauty And Planet


So all the bottles and packaging are made with recycled materials. AMAZING! Because not many companies use recycled plastic. They are a certified vegan product so no animal byproducts were used in the making of any of these beauty items. They also do not do animal testing. They do not use any parabens or silicones and they use all natural ingredients. The picture above shows their rose scented product and that is the one I use and love. They are very serious about leaving a small carbon footprint and I love them for it. I have to say the conditioner leaves your hair so soft and bright, and the smell lingers for days!

Check out their site and mission statement here!





Alright so this brand does so many different things you could pretty much buy any beauty product you could need from them. I first started with their sunscreen which is amazing. Then suddenly Target phased out some old products and started going vegan and eco friendly. This brand is everywhere! I now use their Kale Detox face wash. I think it’s one of the best face washes I’ve used so far. It doesn’t leave my face oily or dry. I feel refreshed after using it and my skin is so much brighter. Their scented mists are also really great. I haven’t had the chance to try anything else but they have so much it would be almost impossible to try them all. They are a Vegan and cruelty free brand. They use natural ingredients but I am not entirely sure that it is all natural. But check it out here and see the endless products they have!




So I have been using this brands body wash for about two years and I won’t go back to a regular body wash. This company started back in 1979. They are a true beauty product in the sense they strive to achieve products that do exactly what we need them for and make us feel great too. They use all vegetarian ingredients that are also botanical. They are cruelty free and they want to help the environment as much as possible. Their products range from sunscreen to shampoo. They don’t offer the variety that Pacifica does but this brand is just as amazing and stands for the same values. And the hawaiian products smell amazing! I also use the brands face masks. Check out the mission statement here!


Bare Republic



So this brand I have used as well as Pacifica’s sunscreen and I honestly wouldn’t choose between the two, I love both of them and will probably always use them from now on. Bare Republic I just recently tried when it went on clearance at Target and I can say that it is definitely worth the price (so is Pacifica). They were founded in Southern California. They try to embody the ultimate product, something that is eco friendly, protective of our skin and free of chemicals. They also have UV protection for your hair. I know that sounds crazy but if you are someone who is always out in the sun (like they’re surfers) then UV rays can totally damage your hair. Their shampoos, conditioners, and serums help protect against all of those. You can check out the page here!



So there you have it, these are just some of my favorite products that I have included in my daily routine. Happy shopping!!

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