Being a Youtube Creator…


So a lot of people out there will usually create a youtube channel in the hopes of making some easy money. Everyone knows that all of the “big” youtubers make probably too much money right? Well wrong in most cases, especially if they run their channel like a production company and have to pay editors, and artists, etc. Okay well that doesn’t guarantee you anything. You have to know how to market yourself and how to make really great content (or just keep people entertained). For myself, all of my subscribers are literally my friends. It’s not that I’m not posting and sharing and what not, but you have to have something someone wants to watch.

With youtube’s policy enforcement it’s been extremely difficult for anyone (including youtuber’s with millions of subscribers) to make any form of income. One of my favorite youtuber’s Rob is demonetized everyday for the kind of content he creates and had to create a Patreon account. But he has editors, co-writers, graphic artists that are involved in his channel so it was crucial. So if you’re thinking that creating a youtube channel to make a quick buck, let me stop you right there. It’s not easy, it really does entail luck and connections. You also always have to be on social media, which shouldn’t be hard for our generation, and putting your content out there.

Alright maybe your content is becoming successful and now people are watching it, but you’re still not making any income. This is so common I wish I could explain just how crazy it is. Instead I will direct you to youtube’s guidelines

Don’t be fooled, youtube has begun to make it extremely impossoble for creators to be…well creative.


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