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So when I first started my blog, I thought “Okay, this shouldn’t be that hard”. And as it turns out this is a little more complicated than I thought it would be. If you don’t already know, I use WordPress as my site creator and I have found it far too simple to use…if that makes sense. I’ll go into further detail in a second.


I had always wanted to create my own website with a blog and I had been meaning to do it for quite some time and finally got around to doing it. I technically started one with my mother but I don’t know if we’ll ever get around to agreeing on something.

So when I started my blog on WordPress I will tell you I chose the most basic plan (not the free one, but the next tier up). I didn’t realize that I would be getting exactly what I was paying for. I have no creative control over how my website is designed and as a person in visual arts it is just maddening. For now I have tried to convince myself that this is okay and that I can transfer to a host later and have more control and also monetize (I don’t make money on this site as of right now).

Creating this place where I can pour out all of my blocked up creative juices (and also maybe vent a little about the topics of my generation) has been so far great. I think it’s important to have goals when creating something like this and to stay positive. I don’t expect it to grow popular overnight or even this year, which is something I think everyone should come to terms with. If you read other articles or posts on other websites/blogs then you know they’re always telling you it’s a great to make money and blah blah blah. Well sure but what they don’t tell you is you have to work really hard at it. It’s not all cakes and rainbows. You have to be able to have enough time to post consistently and to know your market audience. I’m not saying, by any means, that I have hit gold and know exactly what I’m doing. I love the ability to grow and learn as much as possible so in a way I hope I never truly know everything there is about doing this. I hope that any audience I gain will continue to grow with me on our crazy journey through life.


P.S. I’m going to go into depth of the process of starting a website/blog with wordpress at a later date so stay tuned!

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