Starting any fitness challenge with a clean diet

I want to begin by discussing clean diets. I don’t mean go out and only purchase organic foods. I’m saying clean diet like ridding yourself of fried foods, heavy carbs, processed sugars.

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Now I’m not going to say that I’m perfect. A lot of us have really busy lives. Work and school and some of you taking care of kids as well. So healthy and clean options are not always there. I’ve been guilty of giving in to the late rush to school or work and picking up some fast food. We’re human, no one is perfect. We discussed this in my psychology class this summer. Perfection is impossible; we are always supposed to be achieving some form of goal.

So here are a few tips to getting that jump start and avoiding those unhealthy options.

I always recommend to begin by planning out your week. I plan around my work and school schedules. So I try to make a meal plan for the days I am not going to be home and will do my shopping based off of this. If I’m off and I plan on being home then I will cook something new that day (I like trying new recipes, see my recipe page). Start by having snacks for in between meals. I like having fresh fruits and veggies, although I do try and avoid buying too many so they won’t go bad before I get the chance to use them.

Great snacks are things like cucumbers, apples (although we’ll discuss fruit soon), protein packs, cheese, almonds, and there are so much more. Check here for an example of what a good clean diet should look like. And here for a list of “clean” snacks.

If you want a good challenge when it comes to slimming down and eating healthy try this. 

This challenge is something I recommend to get a kick start in the right direction. I break habits easily so I always have to push myself harder to keep going. They always say if you can start something and keep it going for a minimum of three days straight it’ll become a habit. Doesn’t work for me but for most people it does. The hardest thing about this challenge is the no bread, no pasta. Most of our diets consist of some form of carb so it’s going to be difficult but otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge right?

A lot of people recommend drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar before bed to quick start your metabolism. I can tell you I tried it for three days and had to stop because the taste of the apple cider vinegar made me want to vomit. Sorry but I promised myself that I would always tell my audiences the truth. It is really difficult to do if you don’t like the taste, but in the days that I did manage it did curb my appetite and I did lose a little bit of water weight.

I do find that drinking homemade smoothies can be an amazing source of antioxidants and protein. You can control your sugar intake better if you make them at home. I like to use fresh fruit but sometimes when you’re on a budget you might need to save money by purchasing frozen fruit (although I find most times it is cheaper to buy fresh, however frozen will last longer therefore cheaper in the long run). I don’t have the time to make smoothies everyday, let’s be realistic. But on my days off after a workout I utilize protein shakes and such as much as possible. This one is a fantastic example (I usually will add kale or spinach to my smoothies as well!)

Now I want to be clear I am not in anyway promising you a fast or easy way to lose weight. These are things you have to do to take steps to becoming healthier and will lead to a better lifestyle and aid in the weight loss process.

I hope this is a good start toward something great. I’m going to continue talking about diets and such as I continue my own path and share my experience and advice. As of this post I have already lost four pounds.


P.S. I have fallen off the clean diet a couple times and I continue to work hard to better myself. It’s just a matter of working hard and finding that motivation. You got this!!

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    • August 20, 2017 at 1:08 am

      Thank you! Sometimes it is a challenge lol but it’s all about staying positive and finding motivation.


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