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So I guess by now most you have noticed that going platinum or white blonde as been a trend for quite some time. I have recently myself went platinum blonde and have been so for a few months now and i feel I can provide some insight into it.

Now I have been doing my own hair for about two years now and it has been…an experience. I have gone from blonde highlights to silver-blue ombre, back to blonde, to red, black and now for the first time ever full blonde. And not just full blonde, but platinum. Most don’t know the difference between beach blonde and platinum but there is a difference. Beach blonde has warmer tones whereas platinum has cooler tones. I have gone for the latter having gone through the warmer tones in my highlights and ombre in the past.

Now because I have been doing my hair myself I have to also keep up with touching up my roots and toning, etc. I go to Sally’s Beauty Supply store. Lately I have found that most beneficial products to use are Prism lites bleach. I was using the violet and just recently I accidently used the blue. Turns out I actually like the process of the blue better then the violet. It lifts on level more and actually gets the red tones out of my hair better then violet which I found surprising. I won’t lie, I do miss my natural hair color. My hair is very rich in color, with natural red tints in it. But I do enjoy doing something different every once in awhile. In edition to bleaching it’s important to toning the hair to rid it of brassy and yellow tones. It also provides the proper color (the whole platinum look) I use Wella T18. It is the lightest ash color and it works amazingly. Now that my hair is blonde it’s all about the upkeep. I have to keep on top of my roots and making sure that color remains cool and even.

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Now understand that obviously doing anything with harsh chemicals to your hair is going to damage it and if not properly it can damage beyond repair and a lot of the time you will have to cut all you hair off and start all over again. I have not had this much damage but I have cut my hair (which is why I currently have short hair) to help with the damage. That way I can grow fresh hair and less damaged at that. I always use coconut oil before every bleach and every round of toner. It helps to lock in any moisture and protein into your hair shafts. I WON’T shampoo. I will avoid shampooing as much as possible. I use only organic, paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner but as a blonde I will only shampoo once a week and only condition. It’s really important to keep any more chemicals and unnecessary rubbing out of your hair. Also avoid heat, like blow dryers and flat ironers.

I haven’t straightened my hair since I went blonde and I started using the product below.

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This stuff actually works. And like a charm too, my hair has been less damaged and it actually is growing quicker with this stuff. I will put it in after a shower while my hair is still wet and comb it (don’t brush your hair, the breakage will be severe) and let it air dry. Amazing, I couldn’t love this stuff more. I’m not saying it’ll work for everyone but for me it has been amazing. I also using a biotin and collagen conditioner, and when I do shampoo it’s with a charcoal one. Finding the right products have been all about trial and error but that’s with anything in life. And if platinum isn’t for you, you can always go for a warmer tone blonde, slightly less work and it isn’t as harsh as going lighter.


P.S. Bleaching and toning is different for everyone so you won’t get the same results as me or in youtube tutorials. You can always go to the salon to get it done if you’re worried about doing it yourself or you just don’t have the patience. Just be ready for the upkeep if you plan on doing it for a while.

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