Diet/Meal Planning As A Busy Adult

Alright so most of us are pretty busy people right? I know I am, and with my recent health kick I have been trying to eat healthier and make sure I get my workouts in. But it’s hard to eat healthy when you are always on the go and have no time to make the smarter choices. Fast food is quick and easy and of course cheaper. But you pay for what you get and even though it is quicker and easier, it’s certainly not any better for you. I’m trying harder to make sure that I plan my meals according to the diet challenge I’m undertaking and have plan accordingly. Let’s discuss my tips on how to achieve this!

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So right now I’m doing a week challenge that consists of not eating the following: No Soda, No, Bread, No Pasta, No Sweets, No Alcohol (tough one), No Red Meat (Not hard for me because I don’t eat red meat anyway).

With that being said, I’m trying to limit my carb intake anyway but one week out of the month I’m going to follow this strict list. That cuts a lot of food out of the equation. Here’s what I’m doing instead.


Before breakfast I have glass of lemon water before I eat anything, so if I have to get up an hour earlier to do this then I do. That way I give my body time to take it in, and I can eat my breakfast. Breakfast is one of the hardest times of the day for me to eat. I typically don’t eat breakfast and it’s actually important that you do if you’re trying to lose weight.

People are always saying to eat fruits and veggies, but what they don’t tell you is the best time to eat fruit is in the morning so your body can distribute the natural sugars evenly throughout the day. So I recommend oranges, because you should be drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning anyway, and the rest you can decide. I’ve been doing oranges, apples, pineapples, and peaches. You do want to include a little bit of protein so add some nuts into your fruit (I recommend almonds or hazelnuts).

Now there isn’t a specific time of day you should be eating lunch or dinner, but dinner should always be before six p.m. Your body breaks down food slower at night, because it’s time for relaxing and sleep. If you work overnight shifts then I suppose you do the reverse of what I’m saying and it should be fine because for you, the morning is when you’ll be going to bed.

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Lunch should be simple and light, protein from meat at lunch is important. So chicken, turkey, or even some fish will be perfect. I mostly only eat fish, but I do occasionally also eat chicken and turkey. I have two backyard chickens so I try to avoid eating chicken at all but for you guys red meat is out of the question so do your best! It’s recommended that you have plain yogurt at lunchtime as well and some veggies as a side dish.

Have a snack in between lunch and dinner, it will be important if you have long 13 hour days like I do. Have as salad with only a pinch of salt and maybe some olive oil. If salad isn’t your thing then take a look at this list for more ideas on healthy snacks.

Dinner is your last meal and the final time you eat for the day. I recommend two boiled eggs and a green salad. However if that’s not your cup of tea, which ironically is included this later, then take a look at this plan for ideas. Now it’s important as I said to not eat anything after six p.m. What you will do is drink a litre of green tea until it’s time for you to hit the sack. Green tea boosts your metabolism and helps with digestion. Now I love tea, and I hardly ever put sugar in it. But tea isn’t for everyone, if putting a little bit of lemon will help you then do so. It’s worth it!


SO! Now let’s get to the meal planning part of this. I shop at Publix mostly (if you don’t have a Publix then use your equivalent if possible), Walmart only if I have to. If I have a little extra money to spend then maybe Fresh Market or Whole Foods but only for specific items.

I typically shop for a couple days at a time. Fresh veggies go bad quick and the whole point is for them to be…well fresh. So I try not to buy so much of it until I need, fruit is a little different. Fruit does last a little longer fresh than veggies. Now I shop at Publix because they have BOGO deals and sales. And their fruits and veggies are always fresh and really great. Walmart just sells for “cheap” so quality is not what you’re paying for there.

An example of a BOGO purchase is recently I bought some cauliflower rice and veggie stir fry. Their fish sometimes is on sale too. So for about three or four days is what I’ll purchase at a time. So I will get my tupperware ready and cook everything I need on my day off for the next couple days, right before work or after work. It’s about finding the time to get it all done for the next few days. Most of us are too tired when we get home from work to cook. If you prepped it the day before then all you need to do is heat it up and eat. But if you haven’t then suck it up and cook, don’t pick up a fast food meal on the way home. If you cook it at home then you can cook enough for the next couple days. It’s so easy to be lazy about it and say you don’t have the time. If eating healthy and losing weight is as important as you say, then you will find the time.

If you don’t own tupperware or a lunch bag, then you might want to invest. This is key for having everything prepped and ready. I will cook typically two days worth of food at a time and have it in the fridge ready to go. This isn’t as much as it sounds because you’re not eating anything heavy. The easiest thing to prep is probably breakfast. All your doing is cutting fruit.


So really this comes down to is taking the time to plan. Know what your local supermarket deals are, shop for only a couple days at a time. Prep as much as you can and follow through!


P.S. If you want to learn about mason jar meal prep then let me know!

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