Youtube has brought something to my attention

As you all know here on this site, I’m a youtube creator. And even though my channel is small and I don’t have many subscribers, I still love doing what I do. I love creating, it’s something I hope to continue to do. But just the other day I was notified that my videos where no longer going to be monetized. Now, I don’t make any money off of my channel. That’s how small and unnoticed it is; I think in the whole year I’ve been on youtube I have “made” 40 cents.

Apparently, as of April, they are no longer going to show ads on channels that haven’t received 10,000 lifetime views. What that means is, if your channel has not received a combined total of 10,000 views yet then you will not be monetized through ads. The highest viewed video I have on my channel as of this post, would be my vlog about Picmonkey no longer being free, which you can find here. I’m proud that this video has received over forty views. Prior to this my highest viewed video was this, a video about idiots on the internet and it received over thirty views. Now this may not sound like a lot but to me, these small accomplishments are really important. I’m not looking to get rich (because it’s almost impossible to do on youtube, especially now) and I don’t even necessarily care about being “famous”. I just want to have fun doing things I already love and share them.

Take at the below picture for what the policy states about viewership. And here’s a link to the actual page.




Youtube has made it extremely hard for any new creators to maybe one day make money on their site. A lot of luck and networking and savvy social networking skills might put you in the right direction. But for people like me who have been on youtube for over a year and have not been too successful then it’s very difficult to maybe hope for success in the future.


I just have been feeling a little frustrated about this whole thing. With every going on right now I didn’t need this last bit of info and I needed to share it. Even for popular youtubers, there are still stipulations and rules that they have to follow and they also can become demonetized and it’s made it almost impossible for people to continue this has a career. What I think makes this situation so maddening is how youtube tries to make this seem like they are doing everyone a favor. Key phrases like how they’re trying to protect creators from impersonators and having guidelines to confirm validity of content. That really no longer placing ads on content is because they are concerned about the creator when in reality (and we all know it) it’s because they are trying to find ways of making it harder for new creators and pay out less. All this is crazy because it’s already hard to make a substantial income from youtube to begin with, unless you’ve got like millions of views and such.


Be aware that if you are hoping to start a youtube channel and maybe make money from it that there are now milestones you have to reach now on top of all the other rules you have to follow to be monetized.


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