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Alright my party people! SO as you all know I recently had a huge project endeavor (well huge for me) as it was the first time I was actually traveling to make content for youtube. So a good friend of mine Brendon and I went (I drove) to Brooksville Florida. Which is two hours away from Orlando and we originally were going to do a ghost tour (but we will be going back in December hopefully) as well as explore the abandoned projects. Well we only explored the projects but we also did some other fun stuff that day which will be seen in later parts of that experience. Here is part one of the trip!


So Brooksville Florida, for none of you who live in Florida or do and never even heard of this place like me, is this super small town and is probably not the most liberal part of Florida (lots of Trump stickers and signs). But there in this small town is one the most haunted houses in America and certainly the most haunted house in Florida. But what we went to visit on this day was the Hillside Estates.

Hillside Estates-Brooksville Florida (Brendon >James< Warner)

So first off to get to the housing community there is two entrances because there is technically two separate housing sections. The one we found was down a dirt road with over hanging trees and at the end of the road, run down abandoned houses that looked so creepy! You turn right onto the next road and it leads straight into the section that most people know about. This entire community was just packed up back in the early 2000’s and left behind. The government doesn’t want to even bother tearing it down because that’s how much they don’t want to deal with it.


Unfortunately we didn’t get to go inside one because we couldn’t find one that was unlocked. What we did find however is that their community center still had power and AC running to it and the lights outside were on. Grass is clean cut and someone is clearly taking care of these properties…well sort of. The people that had to leave these homes had to leave because the people running and taking care of the properties were embezzling the money that was supposed to be used to take care of the houses. So since the houses were no longer liveable they had to leave. This is the story the government and news articles tell us but to me the whole thing sounds super fishy. Instead of fixing up these homes that over fifty families were occupying they decided to kick them all out and give them rental vouchers because the houses were unlivable? I don’t know about that.

In some youtube videos you can see some people find some houses unlocked and go inside and they show how institutional the houses are. It looks more like an experimental community then a housing project to be honest.


Please check out the footage from my channel to see more about this creepy place and stay tuned for more.


Catch you later!


P.S. If you have other abandoned or creepy places you want me to check out, please let me know in the comments!!

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