Officially moved in with my new roomie!

So as you all know I had disappeared for a while because I was in the middle of moving and emotionally distressed. Well I can’t say emotionally I okay but I have moved into the apartment I am now sharing with my new roommate. As I write this her cat Binx is drinking water out of dogs bowl and being scared by the maintenance guys trying to repair the leak in our ceiling.

I’d like to also mention how amazing all you amazing readers have been over the last few months, even while I have been gone. I have seen so many amazing comments and it has been just amazing to see the amount of growth. Thank you for being patient and if you’re new here then welcome!

SO I am sure many of you have probably had to move and live with roommates or significant others. And moving is never easy! NEVER. I got lucky in a sense because I had made a decision to stay in Orlando to finish school and my cousins, Aunt and Uncle were willing to take me in. Except that a convenient thing happened not too long ago. A friend and former coworker of mine had a roommate who decided to suddenly move out. I wouldn’t have been able to afford an apartment on my own and certainly with my horrible credit wouldn’t have been able to get one anyway. I also couldn’t afford first and last months rent as well as a security deposit. This is why I was still living at home. But my roommate had already gone through all of this and all I had to do was move in.


How did I deal with the emotions of moving out of my childhood home? Well I can’t say that I did, in fact I know that I’m to cry my eyes out next week when the house is emptied and my parents say bye to me. Its so weird because it’s supposed to be the other way around, the kid is supposed to make the parents cry as the kid grows and up and moves out to other places and such. When did I become the parent in this situation?


When dealing with roommates, I don’t have too much to say on this since this is the first time I have lived on my own let alone have a roommate. But hopefully you move in with someone you get along with and someone who isn’t going to screw you over. My roommate had some pretty bad luck but I hope that I am a much better roommate. She’s vegan and I’m a vegetarian so thankfully we have similar eating habits. She’s a self proclaimed alternative woman and loves animals. She is a cat mom and I am a dog mom. Thankfully we both got lucky in that sense because they seem to get along too.  All in all I think I have been fairly lucky to have a pretty great roommate.

This isn’t my roommate but a coworker who wanted to scare me

For those of you planning on moving cross country I can’t give you much advice because I haven’t done it yet. But if you are simply making a move in the same state here’s what I got out of it. Plan as much ahead of time as you possibly can because anything can go wrong. Especially when it comes to money. Which leads me to my next big thing, save as much money as you can before making the move because it’s going to always cost way more than you think. If you can, have friends and family help in any way that the can because you will need it, no one can move alone unless you have the money to pay for movers. But most importantly be grateful. Because moving might suck but at least you have somewhere to go to at night, some place that as a warm bed. And even if you call it home and might not actually be home to you, stay positive because if you’re lucky enough one day you will find home.

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